Free Art Journaling Class


I started an art journal, made from an old hard-cover book.  And I am sharing the entire process with you!  Click on this link to go to the Artistic Imprint Instagram Page and start creating your art journal along with me.

I will be posting lessons almost immediately after I have worked in my journal, showing you step by step what I do.  When I get into the actual art journal entries with collage and painting, I will probably have some videos for you to watch.  For now the lessons are photos with written instruction.

If you have any questions about any of the lessons, you can post your question in the comments section in Instagram.

These lessons are totally free.  You will probably want to follow my instagram account, but you do not need to.  All you need to to is follow the hashtag #aiartjournal2019.

So you may be wondering why am I doing this, why for free, and what's the catch?

I do this because I love to share what I love to do.  I love to see others be inspired.  I love to see what other people create, so this is my way of giving back.

Why is this for free?  It's nothing fancy, not a lot of effort for me to share, and it's kind of an experiment for me to see how free lessons would work through Instagram.  That's it.  No catch, no emails to collect, anyone can watch, comment and enjoy.  And you can repost these lessons!  just use the repost app.

If you do not have an iphone, you can view on your computer....I think you just need to create a free account with Instagram.  You can make your account private too.  A few of my friends do that.  They have an account with just a few photos....they mostly use the account to view my posts and those of others.

Can't beat free art journaling lessons. I'm hoping to post a lesson at least once a week until the journal is filled to the brim.  You can follow along with what I do, or you can do it your way.  I will be giving you a prompt for each journal entry, so I hope you will create from your heart.  That is one way to move past creating something by the do-what-I-do method.....when you create from your heart and soul, you are creating using your unique artistic imprint, your unique creative style.

Imprintably yours,



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