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31 Days of Joy with My Joy Palette

Joy over Fear In the New Year
Have you heard the phrase,
"Whatever you focus on most is what you end up bringing into your life"?
It is the Law of Attaction.
Have you heard
that if you can consistantly do something for 21 days in a row
it can become a habit?
What happens if we combine these two things together?
I am participating in an event called 31 Days of Joy with Whitney Freya and over 200 Certified Creatively Fit Coaches worldwide.  For 31 days we are spreading JOY throughout the world by creating little works of art with the word JOY.  Every day we have a prompt for inspiration, then on the back we write what we are joyful for based on the prompt.
By focusing on JOY for 31 days, we are attracting more JOY, and creating a habit of noticing and celebrating the JOY in our lives.
Wouldn't you love to be a part of that JOY?  
You do not have to be a Certified Creatively Fit Coach to participate.  
You can participate along with me by creating your JOY paintings and writ…