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Hummingbird Happiness

How will you celebrate and draw Happiness into your life in 2019?  I think we all contemplate that with the New Year just days away.  Well, I have something that might interest you then.

Hummingbird Happiness is a new watercolor class I have created and it is available right now for a discounted price of $25 USD, and a 30 day money back guarantee*. The price will be going up on January 15, 2019 to its full price of $45 USD.

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Hummingbird Happiness is available to beginners through advanced artists.  Yes, beginners are artists.  If you want to create, and you do, you are an artist.  In this class you will learn about different types of watercolor mediums, how do draw a hummingbird (and if that is too intimidating, how to transfer the PDF drawing I provide you), how to choose colors for your hummingbird and background, plus all the little details.

Artistic Imprint's ultimate goal is to help you develop your own style (especially for seasoned artists), so I do offer guidan…