Overcoming Self Doubt - a Quiz

Write down the answers to each of these questions on one sheet of paper.

1. How often do you start a project, have a great idea, have a dream?

2. How many of those projects were started, great ideas and dreams acted upon?

3. How many of those projects were finished, great ideas developed, and dreams fulfilled?

4. How do you feel when you have a project, idea or dream?

5. How do you feel when you prepare to start the project, idea, or dream? 

6. How do you feel once you have started the project, idea, dream, and you get that feeling that what you are doing doesn't matter, or no one will like it, or something along those lines?

7. How do you feel when you completed a project, developed the great idea, or fulfilled that dream?

I bet you are feeling a bit down after answering those questions.

You can probably come up with at least a dozen reasons why you shouldn't follow through with something.  Is that how you want to spend your precious time on earth?

Now, get out another sheet of paper and go through the questions again.  But this time, answer the questions as if you were that person that completed projects (with confidence), developed great ideas, and someone who fulfills their dreams (oh, come on.  You can do this.  Play pretend,  Imagine you are that person)

So have you taken the quiz and have 2 sets of answers?

Now tear up the answers to the first time you took the quiz.

Using the answers to the second time you took the quiz, create a affirmation statement about one particular project, idea or dream that you want (or wanted) to fulfill but you let self-doubt stop you. Be specific.  Remember its a dream and you can write anything. Here is an example:

I have an art studio where I create my art and have people visit to learn about the creative arts. I am overjoyed with the love of creating and sharing. My studio is filled with the most beauiful light, beautiful objects, and is surrounded by property to wander about and discover nature's gifts.  My studio was created with my love, passion, persistance, and trust.  Because of this trust I have fulfilled my dream and live every day in that dream.  Having created this studio and developed creative classes and workshops, I have attracted people that really yearn to experience the freedom to create in their own style. With the studio and students in place I can now spend more time creating more classes and workshops, spend more time developing my photography skills, and continue to learn and grow.

Don't you just love that?  I made sure I did not put any negative statements in there.  No what ifs, no maybes, no if I had the money, no I'm too old, etc.

Much of getting over self-doubt, is retraining the mind to see things in a positive light.  Take your positive affirmation and put it where you will see it every day.  On the mirror, on your screensaver of your phone or computer, on a little folded up sheet of paper in your pocket or wallet.

Now every day, look at that affirmation several times a day, especially if you are having a rough day.
What is one small step, one little thing you could do, that you could do that would bring you closer to that dream.  Keep in mind, you must trust that it is possible.  One small step for me would be to write down my creative ideas in a book as they come to me.  This way, when I have that studio and I am working on developing classes and workshops, I will have a notebook full of great original unique ideas.

Dreams don't have to be about business or making money....it can be anthing.  Notice in my dream I do not mention money, or a business.  What I described was a lifestyle, a way of living a fulfilled life (for me).

What is your affirmation statement? What can you do today (or tomorrow) that will help you move forward with the dream, even it is a teeny tiny step. Leave it in the comments below.

Imprintably yours,

Karen Pruzansky
Multi-Media Artist
Certified Creatively Fit Coach


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