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Zenflower Mandala Level 2 Now Available for Sign Ups

Zenflower Mandala Level 2 is now available for you to sign up!  It currently is on a pay what you can program, with one option being free.  The free option will be going away once the program is launched and ready to go in mid-July.  So sign up now, share this link with your friends.  Zenflower Mandala Level 2 . Until the classroom is completely open for classes, please enjoy Zenflower Mandala Level 1 and Infinite Blooms which are available for free.

Zenflower Mandala Level 2 is all about exploring color, patterns, and learning to create your own mandala.  This is where you will be on your way to finding your own unique artistic style, your unique artistic imprint.

Updates on the classroom opening and other important updates will be posted here in my blog, so be sure to subscribe.  The updates will go directly to your email in-box.

If you have any questions, you can contact me using the contact form or in the comments here or in the classroom.

Thank you, and enjoy the classes!