Zenflower Mandala Level 1 - Now Available

I am happy to announce that my first on-line class, Zenflower Mandala - Level 1, is open for registration, and it's FREE! Yes, totally free. Sign up now.
In Zenflower Mandala - Level 1, I make it so easy and stress free for you to create a mandala, with only some basic supplies you probably already have.
This is a full on-line course where I take you step by step in real time through drawing and outlining the mandala, creating the patterns and showing you which colors to use. It's like creating your own coloring page, and coloring it in. I know most of you already enjoy that!
So SHARE this post, SHARE the link, and SIGN UP! You have absolutely nothing to lose.
As a bonus (WHAT? A BONUS TOO??) if you sign up for Zenflower Mandala Level 1 (FREE) AND Infinite Possibilites (FREE), before APRIL 19, 2018, I will automatically add you (for FREE) to Zenflower Mandala Level 2 when it comes out this summer 2018! Level 2 will be a paid course, so ACT NOW before you miss out.
If you miss out on the free Zenflower Mandala Level 2 offer, you can still sign up for Zenflower Mandala Level 1 and Infinite Possibilities, as they will always be FREE.
Enjoy and I'll see you in the classroom!


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