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Your journey starts here......with a deep desire to change something about your life.    Maybe you want to be more creative.  Maybe you want to create your signature style. Maybe you want to learn how to make a mandala. Maybe you want to change your diet, your decorating style, or your job. Sometimes what you want to change is something complex such as realizing a belief system you once had no longer supports you emotionally.  We all have very different needs, dreams and desires.

Let me be your guide on your journey to discover and design the life that you desire. In my classes and blog posts, I primarily assist you in overcoming fear of the blank page and discovering your signature artistic style.  You can use the insights you gain from painting to apply to your whole life. Watch how the infinite possibilities of putting paint to paper helps you see the infinite possibilities of the choices you can make in your life.

When you read or work through any of my blog posts you will find me asking you questions or providing stories about my life.  These questions and stories are meant to activate your awareness of your thoughts, dreams, actions and occasionally your fears. They are also meant to inspire you and activate you to add more creative activities into your life.

It is truly through our fears that we can emerge from dreaming to doing. Overcoming a simple fear of creating something new on a blank sheet of paper with pens or paints is always a great fun place to start.

Join me on this new adventure.  I have completed creating my first online class Zenflower Mandala Level 1 and it is free! If you enjoy it, be sure to sign up for Zenflower Mandala Level 2 for the low discount price.  Level 2 will be launching in August 2018.  Be sure to subscribe to this website and follow me on social media for updates.

Go over to to sign up to the classroom for free, then sign up for the free classes!

Artistic Imprint is a lifelong dream of mine.  I would appreciate it if you would not use any of the content for commercial use unless I have specifically approved.  I do not sell, share, or lease any information you provide, including your email, outside of the classroom and blog platforms, unless I specifically request permission from you.

Enjoy! I'll see you back here, or in the classroom!

Imprintably yours,

Karen Pruzansky
Multi-Media Artist
Certified Creatively Fit Coach


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