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Quilting, Creativity, and Letting Go of Perfection

Quilting is a precise skill.  We are taught to cut each triangle perfectly right.  If not, your points will not come together and your quilt will be lopsided.  Follow directions to the "T" is what we are taught.
There were a lot of trianges to cut for this quilt.  I cannot recall the size the triangles were supposed to be, but I read that it was best to cut long strips of fabric and then with a rotary cutter, cut the triangles from strips.  Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Not having a large enough table or even surface to cut the proper size strips, and not owning a rotary cutter, I created a triangle using the dimensions given from a paper bag.  Then I cut the triangle by pinning the paper bag pattern to the fabric and cutting one by one.  Realizing that that was going to take a lot of time, I made a few more paper bag triangle patterns, and pinned them all close together on the fabric.  That also took a long time to cut out.  Then I stacked the fabric, first two layers, then three, and d…

Zenflower Mandala Level 1 - Now Available

I am happy to announce that my first on-line class, Zenflower Mandala - Level 1, is open for registration, and it's FREE! Yes, totally free. Sign up now.…/zenflower-mandala-level-1 In Zenflower Mandala - Level 1, I make it so easy and stress free for you to create a mandala, with only some basic supplies you probably already have. This is a full on-line course where I take you step by step in real time through drawing and outlining the mandala, creating the patterns and showing you which colors to use. It's like creating your own coloring page, and coloring it in. I know most of you already enjoy that! So SHARE this post, SHARE the link, and SIGN UP! You have absolutely nothing to lose.…/zenflower-mandala-level-1 As a bonus (WHAT? A BONUS TOO??) if you sign up for Zenflower Mandala Level 1 (FREE) AND Infinite Possibilites (FREE), before APRIL 19, 2018, I will automatically add you (for FREE) to Zenflower Mandal…

Watercolor Orchids

Every so often I enjoy going outside to do a sketch and paint something that is in my garden. I enjoy watercolor paints outdoors as they are easily portable and easy to clean up. If I don't want to carry my easel outside and set up (I will write about how I do that in a separate post), I will bring one of my art journals that I made with watercolor paper.

To see my step by step process to create this drawing and watercolor painting, please go to my Teachable website and sign up to the FREE "class" Infinate Possibilites. See you there!

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Karen Pruzansky
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Read this First -Your Journey Starts Here

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Your journey starts here......with a deep desire to change something about your life.    Maybe you want to be more creative.  Maybe you want to create your signature style. Maybe you want to learn how to make a mandala. Maybe you want to change your diet, your decorating style, or your job. Sometimes what you want to change is something complex such as realizing a belief system you once had no longer supports you emotionally.  We all have very different needs, dreams and desires.

Let me be your guide on your journey to discover and design the life that you desire. In my classes and blog posts, I primarily assist you in overcoming fear of the blank page and discovering your signature artistic style.  You can use the insights you gain from painting to apply to your whole life. Watch how the infinite possibilities of putting paint to paper helps you see the infinite possibilities of the choices you can make in your life.

When you read or work through an…