My Journey

My journey began in the sixties.  

I had little knowledge of the significance of those times, but I was influenced by it none the less. I grew up in a small college town in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, surrounded by artisans, intellectuals, hippies, and God loving church members, each making a lasting impression on me, and their influence continues to show up in my art.

I have always been a child of nature....always drawn to the freedom of wandering in and observing nature.

Every season brought me new adventures: pretending to be an arctic explorer until my feet got cold and I hurried back to my warm home, discovering budding trees and flowers as the winter layers were shed, hikes to the tops of mountains and dipping into rivers to cool off, and the swoosh and crackle of dried colorful leaves at my feet during long walks in the fields and forests.  Every season brought me joy and new adventures.

I traveled a lot, both as a child and an adult, exposing me to different lifestyles, people of many cultures, landscapes very much different from home, foods with flavors that I had never tasted before, architecture rich in history and design, and plants I had never seen before.

My lifetime of experiences had a huge influence on my art and creative interests.  It has shaped how I see the world, and shows up in my art, whether intentionally or not.

Artistic Imprint was “born” after seeing others struggle with their creative expression, wondering how they can create art that is uniquely their own.  I had that same struggle.  I felt a strong desire to create art that was uniquely mine, art that really had deep meaning and personality. I wanted to guide new, emerging and experienced artists to know how it feels to be able to create something uniquely your own.  Imprint refers to your stamp, your legacy, your mark in the world of art and creativity. 

Artistic Imprint is where you will go on a personal journey to discover how to find your unique Artistic Imprint, your unique creative style. I will be guiding you through this with multi-level classes. The first level class will always be for beginners, and the following levels will gradually take you through learning new skills, learning various ways to use color theory (and what that even means), and ultimately creating something that is uniquely your style, your Artistic Imprint. I will also offer private and group coaching to help you further develop your style and work through some plateaus that you may be going through.

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Imprintably yours,

Karen Pruzansky
Multi-Media Artist
Certified Creatively Fit Coach


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